Indian association to hold festival


The Indian Student Association will be holding Holi – the Festival of Colors – from noon to 4 p.m. this Saturday at the Thomas J. Frith Community Center at the Jardine Apartments.

Sreekanth Ramireddy, vice president of the Indian Student Association and graduate student in software engineering, said the festival is meant to commemorate the triumph of good over evil.

“We are doing it for the first time on campus,” said Ramireddy. He said in every state in India the festival has different meanings and is celebrated differently. Ramireddy said common features include participants spilling colors on each other, authentic Indian food and dancing to Holi songs.

The association is only selling 200 tickets for the event, and Ramireddy said the group’s booth in the K-State Student Union will stop selling tickets on Thursday.

“The basic highlight of the event is going to be the Indian food, and we are going to have authentic Indian snacks, and it will be an extensive selection,” Ramireddy said. “People of all ages can participate.”

He said in India participants fill balloons with watercolor paints, but for this event attendees will be flicking biodegradable colors at each other.

Tickets cost five dollars.