What’s Appening in Aggieville?


Have you ever wondered how much domestic bottles cost at Porter’s Bar, or how much shots cost at Kite’s Grille and Bar? Well, now you don’t have to walk down to Aggieville to find out.

Thanks to a trio of computer engineering seniors at K-State, your barhopping journey is now a whole lot easier. Pulsar Productions, an application development group founded by students Christian Duranleau, Craig Mouser and Steve Rubenthaler, recently released “Aggieville.”

“Aggieville” is a free app dedicated to bar patrons in Manhattan. It features nightly ratings, news, descriptions, food prices and drink specials of Aggieville bars and restaurants as well as SafeRide information.

The app currently features 12 bars and restaurants, but the creators plan to add more establishments. It is available on Apple devices. This is the third app released by Pulsar Productions, and it has garnered the highest demand.

“We have had a huge response for ‘Aggieville’ and people are asking for an Android version. So we’re jumping into that now,” said Mouser.

The rating system has caused some Aggieville bars to go above the rest to earn the top distinction. Aggieville’s Ale House had a promotion for a free drink if you showed that you had the “Aggieville” app on your phone.

Currently, Ale House is ranked first among the bars on the app.

“There’s been a lot of buzz about the app,” said Andy Beye, junior in finance and Ale House bartender. “It’s helped us bring in more business and I think it creates an added competition among the bars.”

“Sometimes it comes down to whoever does the most advertising wins, but I think the prices speak for themselves,” Beye said. “If you offer good specials, the people will come to your place, and I think that is why the app is so good. People don’t have to walk around looking at signs, they can look at their phone and find everything they need.”

So, now that you’ve downloaded “Aggieville,” how do you determine what other apps to get? With so many pointless ones out there, it’s getting difficult to determine which apps are worth downloading.

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