Students hold jewelry sale to raise money for senior center


There are many booths in the K-State Student Union every week, and their contents are as varied as their designs. On any given week, people could be offering leases to apartments, the potential to study abroad or even the chance to help a fellow human being. This week, the Social Work Practice 3 class is selling jewelry and raffle tickets to help out the Riley County Senior Service Center.

Heather Zarger, who is in associate professor Jacque Gibbons’ Practice 3 class, said the project is in its third year and members in her group decided to continue it.

“The past two semesters, social work students have picked this project up for one of their classes, and this year we did the same,” said Zarger, who is a senior in social work. “The donations are such a great thing for them that we want to keep it going every semester.”

The class raised $1,500 last year, and this year they are hoping to match that amount or even exceed it. They are selling vintage jewelry, gloves, scarves, purses and potato bags.

To attract more donations, this year’s class is planning a raffle, with prizes ranging from a K-State watch valued at $115, to a 50-wing party at Buffalo Wild Wings, to a bowling party in the Union.

“This is what we did different this year,” Zarger said. “We thought it’d be cool to get businesses involved and it’s a larger population because it’s not just girl’s jewelry.”

Zarger is working on the project with three other classmates, Karen Cypressi, Tanya Baruth and Sage Jones, all of whom are seniors in social work. They will be in the Union on Wednesday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Cassie Ost, senior in social work, is another member of the Practice 3 class, but her group is doing a different assignment.

“We’re having a mall scavenger hunt at the end of the semester so they have a chance to network and have a trip to the mall,” Ost said. “Transportation’s an issue for some of the international students.”

Ost said she was glad she had the chance to stop by the table.

“I really like vintage jewelry, I like to accessorize and I’m here to support my classmates,” Ost said.

Marge Holderman, representative of the service center, described the center as a place where seniors could play cards and take part in exercise classes. She also said there is a volunteer shop.

Holderman said she was glad she got the chance to help raise donations for the center.

“I love to do it, it draws money into the senior center,” Holderman said. “This year, they want to buy a beverage counter.”