Ambassadors for Peace to host lecturer


The Ambassadors for Peace Club will be hosting Peter Falkenberg Brown, an author and columnist, at 7 p.m. in Forum Hall. Brown will be giving a lecture entitled “Love, Democracy and the Survival of the World.”

Clareen O’Connor, junior in family studies and human services and president of the Ambassadors for Peace Club, said Brown’s speech will cover a wide range of issues.

“I think he’ll be touching on different struggles in the past, and he’ll be touching on tyranny versus democracy,” O’Connor said. “I think he’ll close by talking about the importance of the individual and how they affect everybody around them.”

Brown’s speech will cover various historical figures and situations that promote living peacefully.

O’Connor said she hopes Brown will further the club’s goals of promoting religious harmony.

“The Ambassadors for Peace Club at Kansas State University consists of a group of students committed to building respectful and constructive dialogue between religions and points of faith as a way to overstep cultural and religious boundaries,” said O’Connor. “Our club was founded to enhance the quality of life for those who seek meaning and purpose through religious and spiritual means.”