Angry Birds revolutionizes games with addictive play, ‘cheep’ price


Almost everyone I know carries around the new breed of gaming console: the touchscreen device. The casual games you can play on these mini-consoles can vary widely from simple puzzles to motion-sensing driving games. One of these games that has become a household name since its original release in 2009, “Angry Birds,” now has several different variations and imitators throughout the numerous app stores. How did this small Finnish company become such a powerhouse of the gaming industry? This rise in the casual gaming industry has produced more than just one hit, but an entire genre.

“Angry Birds” is a small game application that can be downloaded onto many different types of devices for about a dollar.

It also features a “lite” version that allows you to play through several levels, but not the whole game, for free. The objective of the game is simple: destroy your enemies by hurling different kinds of birds at your foes’ buildings, which are made of of stone, wood and glass. Each bird has its own abilities, and a player’s use of those abilities can determine whether or not you can complete a level. Your standard cannonball bird is just a weight you can throw at a wall, but there is also a bird that can get a burst of speed when activated. One type of bird can either explode after a short time or even be detonated manually.

The game itself isn’t anything new; I have seen variations of the “Castle Destroyer”-style game since the mid 2000s, but “Angry Birds” was the first game to truly hit the mainstream. The reason this game stays so fresh is that there are so many different levels to play, and it has a very good rating system used to grade your performance. I’ve seen a person replay the same level for an entire class period trying to get all three stars on one of the tougher levels.

“Angry Birds” is now a household name, and it’s a game that costs less than a bottle of soda. Not every game needs to have a multimillion-dollar budget to make it big. A solid idea, creative content and a decent distribution system can turn any small time programmer into millionaire. If you don’t already have “Angry Birds,” or don’t have a touchscreen phone, Rovio has released console and PC versions of their games as well. This is a great title that I can guarantee will give you your money’s worth.