Champagne, wine with meals option for Mother’s Day gift


Deciding how to honor a mother on Mother’s Day is daunting. It’s hard to pay back 364 days of service with one day of appreciation, and college students often tend to be stuck between a budget and box of crayons. Not knowing what else to do for a mother can leave students in a tizzy. For a mother with a taste palette for wine, consider adding a bottle to your Mother’s Day celebration.

Buy champagne if money is not a restraint. Champagnes from the Champagne region of France, such as Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Demi-sec or Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut, are options for mothers who appreciate the classics. Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Demi-sec is semi-sweet champagne that is made from a blend of pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay grapes.

While any champagne can be ordered at any liquor store in Manhattan, Mike Towne, Aggieville’s Library Discount Liquor store manager, said since Veuve Clicquot is an example of a higher-end champagne, it might be harder to find stores which carry it at all times. However, Towne said if you give two to three days notice of what alcohol and the quantity you want, the Library will place the order. Market price for this champagne is around $60.

Whatever your mom’s champagne — or wine — of choice, be sure to subtly ask if a bottle of bubbly would be something your mom would enjoy as a gift.

“My mom loves wine,” said Courtney Fox, junior in textile marketing. “(On Mother’s Day) she always asks for a nice bottle from me, my sister and brother so this year, we’re planning to make her some personalized wine online and get a label with our family picture on it.”

Websites like, and allow you to create your own personalized wine bottles for Mom. Creating your mom’s favorite blend or adding your own label to her favorite wine could be the perfect way to show you care.

Still searching for inspiration for a Mother’s Day wine, and don’t want to break the bank? Pick up the phone and talk with someone who can help you discover your mother’s wine preference. Asking about special anniversaries or vacations is a helpful place to start your venture.

Benton’s Prime Steakhouse, a Kansas City restaurant, serves Domaine Ste Michelle Blanc De Blanc, a sparkling white wine. This is an affordable option for under $10. Every Sunday, Benton’s hosts a champagne brunch and reservations can be made through Brent Grider. This could be a great opportunity to spend quality wine-tasting time with your mom without having to spend too much.

If you’re looking to prepare a meal at home for your mom, it’s helpful to keep certain foods in mind when planning the wine choice. With any white wine, sparkling or not, find your mother’s favorite quiche recipe or create a unique recipe with roasted peppers and Gruyere cheese. Not a quiche fan? Try fluffy French toast made with fresh cream and nutmeg topped with fresh strawberries and more cream.

If classic rock’n’ roll T-shirts appear in your mother’s wardrobe, give an equally bold Mother’s Day meal. Grill her up a rib-eye steak and pair it with a bold flavored wine, such as cabernet blends or an american zinfandel. According to, Lorin Sonkin, a winemaker at Sokin Cellars says rib-eye steak is best paired with cabernet sauvignon.

If your mother will be in Manhattan and you would like to dine out, 4 Olives Wine Bar has a full brunch menu from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The full menu will be available again from 5 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Reservations are suggested, according to Scott Benjamin, chef and owner of the restaurant. He said this year the restaurant expects 300 persons for their Mother’s Day brunch.

The restaurant is open for brunch on both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. They will be featuring fresh-squeezed orange juice and mimosas on the brunch menu. Mimosas from 4 Olives are made with a sparkling cava, Poema from Spain. It has a lot of champagne-like qualities, Benjamin said, and can be purchased for $7.50. Duval-Leroy champagne by the glass will also be available for $15.50.

Whatever menu fits best, do not put a price tag on love. If brunch sounds the best, place the bottle in an ice bucket and pull out the frying pan. If brunch doesn’t sound the best, perhaps a visit to a restaurant or firing up the grill in the backyard will do. Whatever the budget for Mother’s Day, pop a cork and spend quality time with your mother.