Letter to the Editor: Spring Game needs change


I have been to three spring football games and have come to three conclusions. First, the student body should be ashamed at their involvement and support. Did anyone notice Oregon’s spring game on TV? Their student section was packed and the stadium was vibrant. Second, the spring game is boring, really boring. This is probably why no students go. Third, the spring game needs to be revamped to something that is fun and involve students, alumni, the city of Manhattan, K-State fans and Fort Riley. To fix the disgraced spring game I have come up with the following. Move the spring game to the old football stadium on campus. It would cause a buzz and spark interest. Partner with a charity and donate proceeds. Have the alumni center put on a silent auction that persons at the game can bid on. Have key players and coaches speak to the fans. Have a concert in the stadium after the game. When around 5,000 fans show up to support the football team at the spring game it means things need to change.