K-State Rec summer services


Looking for something to do this summer? Want to get a ripped beach body? Well, you should head to the Peters Recreation Complex for all your summer fitness needs.

Even if all your friends have left for the summer, you can make new friends with the Rec’s group fitness sessions. There are plenty of cardio and strength classes to choose from. I’m most excited about Sculpt & Tone, Body Bootcamp, Butz & Gutz and mind and body classes like yoga. A lot of my friends really like going to the Zumba classes the Rec offers.

I’m one of those people who doesn’t like to work out alone, I need motivation. For anyone else who feels the same way, the Rec offers great workout sessions at different times of the day all during the week. Students should be aware, however, that the locker rooms and indoor racquetball courts are closed for construction this summer.

Even though I love group fitness classes, sometimes I get bored doing the same thing. Especially during the summer, the farm girl in me likes being outside, so when I found out the Rec has a program that is different and outdoors, I got excited. The program is called Advanced Muscular Power Endurance Definition or A.M.P.E.D. Basically you go outside and use things like tires, ropes and sledgehammers to get a workout. It seems like a fun, nontraditional way to get fit and a great way to spend time outdoors.

That’s not the only way to get outside either. The Rec has the Challenge Course open this summer as well. Now, if you’ve never been to the Challenge Course, you really need to go. I went with my sorority sisters and had a blast. There’s a 30-foot pole, the Power Pole, that you climb and then you jump off and try to hit a ball suspended in front of the pole. Don’t worry, you’re safely secured with ropes, a harness and a helmet. Unfortunately for myself, I was a bit too chicken to jump, so I’ve challenged myself to go back and be braver. For those like myself that are not fond of heights, there are low ropes courses as well. It’s a fun way to hang out with your friends during the summer for a very low cost.

For those who want to avoid the heat and sun, the Natatorium is open during the summer as well. I especially like going to the Natatorium because the pool at my apartment complex is always full with people trying to tan. The Natatorium is great because there are usually not that many people there and it’s a lot safer for your skin. No UV rays are going to beat down on you while relaxing or exercising in the pool.

What I’m most excited about this summer though, isn’t necessarily exercising, but going camping. You’re probably thinking, “what?” Turns out I don’t have to go buy a tent or a sleeping bag or a water cooler for when I want to go camping at Tuttle Creek State Park. The Rec actually rents out equipment for camping and kayaking. It’s not expensive either. As a cash-strapped student, this makes my desire to go camping and cook s’mores a reality. For those of us who want a cheap vacation, renting equipment from the Rec is a great idea.

The Rec facilities are a great way to get in shape this summer and to be active. Regardless of how you like to exercise, you’ll be sure to find your niche with all the options. For students enrolled in summer classes, you will not have to pay a membership, and will only pay for fee-based classes or rentals. For students enrolled in the spring semester or this fall, you will need to purchase a summer membership to use the Rec and its services.

Membership for the pools is only $16.28, for the Rec it is $27.14, or you can purchase a combo package for $37.99. The membership lasts until August 21.

Ashton Archer is a junior in mechanical engineering and political science.