Manhattan Hill


Editor’s Note: This is the second installment of the 8 Wonders of Manhattan running in the Collegian over the summer. A new wonder will be on each front page.

Manhattan Hill is not hard to spot. It’s the hill on the east side of town, the one with MANHATTAN in white, stone letters on the side of it. To get to this landmark, head toward Manhattan Town Center on Anderson Avenue and take a left on Juliette Avenue. Then follow up the hill and take the right on Bluemont Drive, past a few driveways to what is officially called Bluemont Scenic Overlook.

The city and local tourism websites describe it this way:

“The overlook, a city-owned area used for domestic water storage, offers a panoramic view of the original plot of the Manhattan community. To the west, a good portion of the K-State campus can also be seen. If you are out exploring the community, Bluemont Park is a must see. The overlook provides beautiful views of the Manhattan landscape, as well as a great place to enjoy lunch. There are several tables throughout the area, with ample parking just a few feet away.”

The view is amazing.

But the most interesting part of this wonder of Manhattan is what is not officially part of the park. A smiling, red face is painted on a large concrete pillar in the corner of a huge concrete pad located at the top of the hill. Some folks around town tell tales of wild parties and rituals occurring here. Broken glass and spray-painted graffiti add to the ambience of the locale.

Beyond the concrete pad, the entire area is filled with trails and hidden spots within the rocks and trees, making this a wonder worth visiting.