Intramural sports unite students


To the point is an editorial selected and debated by the editorial board and written after a majority opinion is formed. This is the Collegian’s official opinon.

School has started, and so have all of the extracurricular activities on campus. Intramural sports stand out from the long list of activities K-State provides.

The reason intramural activities are so popular is how they are organized and what types of sports are offered.

Intramural sports range from extremely competitive sports like flag football, soccer and basketball to less competitive sports like four-wall handball, billiards and horseshoes.

These activities provide students with the chance to socialize, get active and stay involved. Remember that intramural sports are not just for sororities and fraternities.

Students are not the only ones who can participate in intramurals. Recreational services also encourages current and retired faculty and staff to participate. With their own league, staff and faculty are given the same chances to participate outside of the classroom.

Sports that are offered for faculty members include golf at Rolling Meadows, Colbert Hills and Stagg Hill.

Gathering a group of classmates, dorm friends or work buddies together is a great way to break the ice at the beginning of the year.

For student groups who would like to stay active and try many different sports, we recommend a yearly pass. Recreational services yearly pass will cover one team for meet or team sports and four participants in individual sports.

Taking advantage of this pass will allow participants to try out many team sports as well as meet other students.

If you aren’t one for team sports, there is always table tennis singles, bowling and the individual events at the swim meet.

There should be more emphasis placed on intramural involvement at the beginning of the year. Allowing students the opportunity a break from the monotony of class and homework is beneficial.

Having the option of playing intramurals is great for students but recreational services also provides training in officiating. This is a great way to get outside, take a break from studying and get paid.

Officials have flexible working hours and hands-on comprehensive training courses. Along with the knowledge student officials acquire, there is also a point system in place for rewarding hard workers.

One issue with signing up for intramural sports is the accessibility of sign-ups. Currently participants have to go all the way to the recreation center to sign up. Making sign-up sheets available at the K-State Student Union and the dorms would provide regular access to students who want to participate.

Intramural sports should not be missed. Finding a sport that is enjoyable and fun is easy to do. Besides getting outside for a while, intramurals are a great way to meet new people and stay active.