Alcohol is available


What do Long John Silver’s, Chipotle and Bluestem Bistro all have in common? Their drink menu includes alcoholic beverages.

When dining at Chipotle, the beer selection ranges from typical domestic beers to authentic Mexican beers and margaritas.

“I knew Chipotle sold beer, but not margaritas,” said Samantha Schmitt, junior in life sciences. “I think it’s awesome, who wouldn’t want to have a margarita with their burrito bowl?”

Bluestem Bistro serves local beers, wine and liqueur-infused beverages. Kevin Peirce, owner of the restaurant, said Bluestem Bistro wanted to offer a wide variety of drinks to their menu, so the addition of alcoholic drinks was an obvious option.

“We already have so many different drinks and flavored drinks, having wine and beer was a great addition,” said Peirce. “One person may have a latte and the other a glass of wine.”

He said Bluestem Bistro is also very proud of their speciality coffee liqueur drinks.

“We are the only place in town that has coffee drinks with liqueur,” said Peirce.

Bluestem Bistro offers a variety of coffee liqueur drinks, although Peirce said a popular drink is the 5 p.m. Chai.

“The 5 p.m. Chai is a chai latte with Grand Marnier,” said Peirce. “Another popular drink is the Bistro Bomber which has a shot of espresso and a shot of Bailey’s. It’s just a perfect way to start the evening.”

The recent onset of cool weather gives Bluestem Bistro customers a chance to preview their warm drinks.

When it comes to exploring different types of beverages, a college town, like Manhattan, is a great place to start. Various local restaurants offer wine flights that allow the customer to sample different types of wines.

“Food is better with wine, and wine is better with food,” said Scott Benjamin, the executive chef and owner of 4 Olives.

4 Olives offers an extensive wine selection with more than 850 wines. Benjamin said he opened 4 Olives seven years ago and has been offering a variety of wine to the Manhattan public since then.

“We offer wine flights, champagne flights and dessert wine flights,” said Benjamin. “I try to create unique blends of wine.”

Every Tuesday, 4 Olives has half priced bottles of wine.

Della Voce, a local restaurant located on Poyntz, has a monthly wine club that features wines from a different region each month. The wine club is not exclusive, but reservations are required.

Many local restaurants are known for a specialty drink or drink special. The Chef and Early Edition are well-known breakfast restaurants that serve specialty drinks. The Chef has a variety of cocktails ranging from a Mimosa to a “Purple Pride.”

El Tapatio, a Mexican restaurant located off Fort Riley Boulevard, offers a variety of drink choices and specials, although their 99-cent margaritas on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night top the list of drink specials.

“Our margaritas are definitely the cheapest, strongest and best tasting you’ll find in town,” said Hannah Roquet, a server at El Tapatio.

Manhattan offers a variety of establishments for those seeking to try different types of alcoholic beverages.