Male perspective on women’s fashion: confidence looks good


Ladies, other women will judge your appearance far harsher than any guy will. They know how to find the flaws in your appearance because they are familiar with the same issues and insecurities. Most guys are less picky, or at least are not sure why girls look the way they do. We might say those shorts don’t look right on you, but a girl will say they don’t look right because you have stubby legs.

That said, I was asked to provide a guy’s perspective on women’s fashion. While I do not speak for all of the uglier sex, I think I can provide an opinion that many guys could agree with, and I can do it while avoiding the true cliche that “beauty is on the inside.”

First and foremost, do not, and I repeat, do not wear too much makeup. If we notice you are wearing makeup, it is probably too much. This is something guys definitely pay attention to, and we often take it as a sign of insecurity. Personally, I think it is cool if a girl feels confident enough to go without makeup at all. Makeup is meant to enhance the face, not distract from it.

Looking good is 90 percent confidence, and if you feel comfortable with your appearance, you will look better. If you have to constantly pull up a shirt or pull down some short-shorts, you are probably not going to look sexy. Self-consciousness isn’t attractive. Many of the most attractive girls I have seen on campus were rocking athletic shorts and a T-shirt, and that is not because only “hotties” dress athletically. Instead, it seems that girls who wear athletic shorts do not care about other people’s opinions, which makes them better looking.

On the other hand, dress appropriately for your body. If you have a ghetto booty, please do not wear short shorts. If you have large boobs, please cover them. Guys will treat you respectfully if you demand it, and that starts with how you dress.

I know, guys should offer you respect no matter what clothes you wear, but that doesn’t happen in the real world. Guys are all too happy to objectify women and ignore their intangible qualities. In other words, it is much easier to focus on what a woman is saying if she is not wearing a bikini. Before any women raise a fuss about that statement, I would like to point out that it is easier for women to focus on what guys say if we wear shirts. There is a reason humans are not all nudists.

Since I was asked to talk about fashion, though, I have a couple other nuggets of wisdom. Complicated fashion confuses us. If you have a beret, high heels, a baggy shirt and weird colored jeans on, we are too confounded to figure out whether we like it or not. We understand baseball hats; we do not see the point of a fedora unless you happen to be in the mafia. If you put too much effort into appearing original, you are either going to look like somebody who does not know how to dress, or somebody who thinks money is a good substitute for creativity. The latter reason is why sorority girls and guys at bars dress identically.

I think I can sum up this whole article with one idea: don’t try too hard to look hot. Some guy thinks you’re beautiful — go find him. You may have a physical attribute that you think is atrocious, but I guarantee there is somebody who thinks it is sexy. Even better, don’t try to look nice to attract a guy. Try to look nice for your own happiness and to show everybody else that you are grown up and should be taken seriously. Our opinion only matters if you think it does.