Top 10 movies: College Edition


K-State might not be the sort of university you see in movies, like Coolidge College or South Harmon Institute of Technology. That being said, to most students, college is still a time they will look back on fondly. The typical college movie often provides a satirical or exaggerated look on life as an undergraduate. At the same time these films provide insight into the academic world outside of academics. Here are my top 10 college movies.

1. “Animal House”

This movie is basically the epitome of college flicks. This movie has something for everyone to relate to. It has even been deemed “culturally significant” by the Library of Congress. K-Staters should be lucky that Dean Bosco is nothing like Dean Wormer.

2. “Van Wilder”

Another product of National Lampoon, Van Wilder tells the story of an undergraduate who refuses to graduate and accept responsibility.

3. “Rudy”

Despite your feelings about Notre Dame football, this movie is a classic tale of an underdog who beats the odds. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that it’s a true story.

4. “Accepted”

Who says you can’t make a phony college? “Accepted” proves that alternative education can work and even make the system change its mind … well, except for the dean of Harmon College.

5. “Back to School”

This film is classic Rodney Dangerfield. He plays a wealthy uneducated father who bribes his way into the college his son is attending.

6. “Revenge of the Nerds”

Yet another classic, this movie confronts and breaks every stereotype between greeks and geeks.

7. “Eurotrip”

This movie might not take place on a college campus, but like most college movies, it’s a coming-of-age tale of several young college freshmen on a crazy adventure through Europe.

8. “The Social Network”

It’s a story, based on a true story, it takes a look into Harvard’s campus as a young Mark Zuckerberg begins to create many college student’s favorite time-waster: Facebook.

9. “The Waterboy”

“Gatorade … Gatorade … Gator … pow!” Adam Sandler proves that water trumps all in this football comedy.

10. “Legally Blonde”

Yet another comedy about an out-of-place underdog trying to prove herself, “Legally Blonde” tells the story of a ditzy coed who manages to graduate first of her class and reset her priorities.