Collegian workplace a learning experience for writers, editors


The Collegian staff is committed to providing fair and balanced coverage which accurately represents our readership. Occasionally, we make mistakes. On Wednesday, those mistakes were more prevalent than we would like to admit.

At the beginning of the semester I wrote to the community to inform readers that we want to be held accountable for our mistakes. I would like to thank all of you who have returned this favor over the past seven weeks. Please continue to do so. As a student publication we are here to learn and grow. I would ask that you keep in mind that many of us are still learning a trade and just like many of our readers, we too are students. Much like other students do homework, or student athletes practice, publishing the Collegian is a way for us to hone our skills. Our practice happens to be more public.

I firmly believe media works best when it allows dialogue to flow.

Our goal is to tell the stories of the K-State and Manhattan communities. The staff members are committed to a level of quality reporting that not only educates and informs these communities, but starts a dialogue that might not otherwise happen.

On behalf of the Collegian staff I would like to firmly apologize to the readership for Wednesday’s disservice. We are just as committed to accuracy as we were when the Collegian was founded in 1896. We will continue to strive to live up to that solid reputation.