Members did not attend protest


The Facebook group “Operation Save EMAW” had scheduled a student demonstration outside on the lawn of Anderson Hall on Friday. Their mission statement is “for the people of Manhattan, KS, students and alumni of K-State to keep EMAW at Kansas State University.”

The protest was regarding the removal of “EMAW” from the formations of the marching band and was scheduled from 6 to 11 p.m. However, the protesters never materialized. Of the group’s following on Facebook, 56 people had announced their intentions for appearing on Friday, but by 7 p.m. the lawn was still empty.

Similarly, the group tried to start a write-in campaign that around 200 people joined in September, according to their Facebook page. Before that, “Operation Save EMAW” tried to order T-shirts with the words “Save EMAW” printed on the chest, but ran into difficulty as the university retains the copyright to EMAW.

No explanation for the failure of the protest has been provided. Inquiries to “Operation Save EMAW” on Facebook went unanswered.