Letter to the Editor


To the editor:

While I praise the protesters of Occupy MHK for standing up for what they believe in, I don’t exactly see what they’re complaining about. For the most part, compared to other places in the country, Manhattan has been relativity protected from the recession by the influx of money from Fort Riley soldiers and college students. The housing industry is not crushed here; I’ve seen several apartment complexes in development all over town, and several new businesses have come to town, like Cozy Inn, Dick’s, Noodles & Company and many more. While other cities are struggling and stagnant in development, Manhattan is growing. The “corporate greed” that Wall Street protesters are angry at isn’t heavily present here. In fact, most of the large businesses in town are very good about donating money to philanthropic events and sponsorships of sports teams.

It’s fine to complain about the bad overall job market and economy, but joining a passing fad that doesn’t really apply here in Manhattan is just silly. These protestors have an opportunity to make a real difference if they instead turned their focus on something more immediate and real to those in Manhattan, such as standing up for the protection of college students and Fort Riley soldiers and their families when landlords take advantage of us. The rental inspection program that was repealed would have kept landlords responsible, much like the protesters would like Wall Street banks and corporations to do.

I also found it disappointing that the Occupy MHK protesters threatened to call the cops on a few Ron Paul supporters because the protestors disagreed with their signs. It’s always sad when people aren’t willing to respect other people’s right to free speech. Especially when there are those of us who think that protesting Manhattan is not a good use of time.