Bramlage Bridge program rewards die-hard fans


On Thursday, the K-State women’s basketball team will open up the 2011-12 season against the Oklahoma City University Stars. For the second straight year, the Bramlage Brigade will reward students for attending the basketball games.

The reward program is based on a punch card system. When students sign up for the program, they will receive the card. Students can sign up at any of the basketball games, as well as any volleyball match.

There are many different prizes that students can receive for attending different numbers of games.

The first 200 people to attend four games will receive a Bramlage Brigade long-sleeved shirt. The first 50 people to attend eight games will receive a K-State stocking cap. Anybody who attends 12 games will be able to have dinner with the team, and any student who attends 13 games will be put into a grand prize drawing.

The grand prize will be voted on by the students throughout the month of November and the decision will be announced on Dec. 3.

The three choices for the grand prize are a Big 12 women’s basketball championship package, American Airline vouchers or an ICAT student season pass for the 2012-13 athletic season.

The K-State women are returning four starters from last year’s team. The Wildcats are coming off a season in which they beat the national champions, Texas A&M, as well as making it to the NCAA tournament.

Once again, K-State should an entertaining team for the fans to watch. Why not come out and support the Wildcats as well as getting a lot of cool, free prizes?