Wildcat Watch holds video contest


K-State has dozens of events going on in any given week, many of them free and open to any student. Despite these activities’ marketing campaigns, the whole student body cannot be physically present due to space limitations in the various venues. Now, Wildcat Watch, a video production group dedicated to capturing events like those organized by the Union Program Council or K-State Singers, is enabling the whole student body to at least feel like they attended. During All-University Homecoming, Wildcat Watch held a student video views contest to help raise publicity on their activities.

David Kaufman, supervisor of Wildcat Watch and video production specialist, said the students have put together many videos chronicling K-State events and the group is trying to build an audience base.

“Last year we decided to cover all the Homecoming events and we took the video, edited it and the alumni loved it,” Kaufman said. “This year we decided to do it again and we decided we wanted to get more recognition because it is a campus-wide event.”

Students involved in the contest did not actually make any videos; rather, students from greek houses or student organizations were encouraged to watch the Wildcat Watch videos on the group’s homepage or YouTube and post their houses’ letters or organization’s name. Members of Wildcat Watch would make a free promotional video for the winning group that posted their identifier on the most Wildcat Watch videos. Kaufman said the video could be made in support of a winning house’s philanthropy, or even about a member of a group who had done something extraordinary.

Students could post on Wildcat Watch’s 5K Race video, Paint the ‘Ville video, Crazy Cat Kickoff video, Pant the Chant video or the Wildcat Request Live video. Theta Xi fraternity won the contest by posting the most comments on four out of a possible five contest days.

Andrew Morris, the producer in charge of marketing for Wildcat Watch and graduate student in journalism and mass communications, said the contest was the idea of outside group Take Flight. Take Flight is a new student-run public relations and advertising agency at K-State, according to Carmen Brown, executive director of Take Flight and graduate student in journalism and mass communications.

“We were trying to publicize our videos and the person in charge of the public relations group was a graduate student I knew and we thought we’d try to use them,” Morris said. “We pitched the job and they came up with the idea for the contest. We worked with the group to determine the rules and what contestants would win.”

Morris said that overall, he thought the contest was a success for Wildcat Watch in terms of raising awareness about the group’s work.

“We did get several thousand views on a couple videos which is good for us, anything over a thousand,” Morris said. “And we’ll get views from alumni and get our name out a little more.”

As of Sunday night, the group’s Pant the Chant video had the most views with 2,276.