New ‘Zelda’ release offers challenges for gamers on Nintendo 3DS


With the release of the new “Zelda” game only days away, I decided to take my 3DS out for a spin on a remastered version of an old classic. “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D” is the re-released classic we all know and love, but now in a bite-sized handheld console. Nintendo has taken their new 3-D technology back to some of the N64 classics, and so far they have done quite well.

The original “Ocarina of Time” will always occupy a spot in our hearts, as will the harder “Master Quest” version, if you were lucky enough to play it, but what does this new version offer that the originals don’t? The first and most notable feature of this title is the enhanced graphics, and not just the 3-D aspect.

The game has been given a complete overhaul: backgrounds and items that before were only two dimensional objects that could become invisible now have depth. The 3-D effects are handled quite well; objects that move around close to you feel close, and there were several times I found myself pulling back from the screen when characters rushed forward. This game has the best 3-D effects I have seen in a 3DS title, since they aren’t just slapped in like in some other titles.

There have also been some adjustments to the different weapons you use throughout the game that give the game a little depth. To aim ranged weapons, the player must move the 3DS in different directions, as if using the device itself as the weapon. With that, some of the inherent limits in a console game are done away with, making it possible for you to shoot at fantastic angles. This motion tracking, though, could cause some issues when trying to be extremely accurate. It just takes practice.

The story hasn’t changed at all from the one we all know, but there have been some additions to help new players along. There is a new type of stone that dots the land, offering tips and hints to players. The menu screens have been changed, for the better, but Navi is still as annoying as ever. Now she asks you to take a break after playing for a long period of time, so you don’t go cross-eyed from the 3-D. The addition of boss challenges is also rather enjoyable as it challenges you to beat your best times.

This is a classic game reborn with new graphics and new life. If you can get past the 3DS price tag and pick up this title, you’ll get your money’s worth. Even if you turn off the 3-D effects while playing, this game is still a marvel to experience although the original is more than a decade old.