Gift-giving guide for women: helpful tips to finding the perfect present


The holidays hit like a tornado and there’s always the challenge of picking out the perfect gift for those near and dear. A monumental task is the “What should I get her?” question guys always need the answer to.

As for why this task is difficult for men, “There are many reasons,” said Tim Gardener, resident of Independence, Mo. and Sales Associate of Macy’s. “We worry. Is it too cheesy? Will her friends make fun of it? And of course there is price: is it too cheap?”

However, gifts for women do not need to be expensive or extravagant. In fact, it seems that the more thoughtful the gift is, the more impressive.

“I love getting flowers randomly from my husband. It means that he randomly thinks of me,” said Shandi Hayhurst, manager of Loan Max in Manhattan.

As a woman who has received terrible gifts on holidays or birthdays, I’m going to give you some ideas, men of K-State.

Manicure/pedicure/spa gift card: Almost every girl will appreciate this. It’s relaxing and fun. However, it can be expensive so we don’t often treat ourselves and it is sweet when you think we deserve it and give it as a gift.

Gift cards for clothing, handbags, or jewlery: The old standby. If it seems too impersonal, write a note inside the card and say it reminded you of something specific she mentioned like a new pair of jeans or top. It shows that you listen and care about what she needs which makes you look awesome.

CD of her favorite band or concert tickets: My friend made me a CD of songs that he thought I would like and even made a cover for it. Inexpensive and made me feel like he took the time to make me something special. This also works if you know a specific band she likes, you can order a t-shirt or poster online from its website. Concert tickets are also a great gift.

A movie or season of a show you’ve seen together: Maybe you remember the first movie you saw together or one of her favorites. Either way, you’ve already put thought into this gift, which is great. If not, you can get her a season or poster of her favorite TV show.

Body Lotion and/or Perfume: Check out her bathroom and find out what scents she likes. You can’t go wrong with lotion or good smelling things when it comes to the ladies. Bath & Body Works is a good place to start.

Framed pictures: Completely underrated. Framing pictures of the two of you or family members is always appropriate and thoughtful. has a way to create a scrapbook online and have it put together and shipped to you. Also, it means you, as a man, don’t have to touch a piece of scrapbooking paper or stickers with cutesy sayings on them.

Bake her something: I know this sounds out of a man’s element but there are really simple things that can be made like pretzels dipped in chocolate or melting chocolate and sticking pieces of peppermint in it to make bark. You cannot go wrong with chocolate.

A giftcard for Eyes Lips Face or Instead of picking out her favorite eye shadow as electrifying green, let her decide from a variety of well priced products online.

Electronics: Ipads, Kindles, iPods and other products are always a good choice for the she-reader or tech savvy chick.

The book “Porn for Women:” If you know a married or older woman (with a good sense of humor) in your life in need of a present this holiday season, this book is perfect. The pages are filled with gorgeous men doing household chores.

Steer clear of guessing which jewelry, clothing or handbags you think she might like. It’s not worth the hassle of having to take the gift and receipt back to the store and pick out something else. When women’s fashion is concerned, there are varying tastes that make individual styles hard to predict.

However, guys, you’re not alone in your struggle this holiday season. Women have a difficult time picking out gifts, too.

“I guess it’s kind of hard to buy a present for anyone. I can never figure out what they want or if they already have something,” said Emma Faulkner, junior in animal science.

Don’t be afraid to ask her friends about gifts ideas, they are a valuable database for her likes and dislikes. Put effort into your gift. Anything that proves it was thought about for more than 10 minutes is a home run in our book. So get to holiday shopping and/or making your gifts without fear.