Urban Meyer ends time as ESPN analyst, accepts head coaching position with Ohio State Buckeyes


After a tough season for the Ohio State Buckeyes that saw numerous players suspended for NCAA rules violations, and the end of their seven-game winning streak against Michigan, the Buckeyes knew it was time to send a message. Interim coach Luke Fickell helped the team deal with all of the off-field distractions and get them bowl eligible, but for Ohio State to get back to its title contending days, they had to hire a coach that could help get them get there. On Monday, Ohio State made just the announcement that the Buckeye nation was looking for.

The head coach for football at Ohio State is now Urban Meyer. Meyer, 47, is coming off a year stint with ESPN as an analyst, retiring from Florida after last year’s 37-24 Outback Bowl victory over Penn State. During his tenure at Florida, Meyer went 65-15, winning two national titles. It is this success that enticed the Buckeyes to go out and get Meyer.

Before this year’s disappointing 6-6 season, Ohio State had been of the most consistent programs in the country. They won at least 10 games per season since 2002, including three national championship berths and one national title. The one knock on Ohio State is that they have been unable to match the speed of the teams they face, mainly the teams from the Southeastern Conference.

Besides having Tim Tebow at Florida, Meyer’s ability to recruit players with incredible speed is why the Gators were able to have such great teams. Players like Percy Harvin, Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps provided the team with those game-changing types of plays that could turn around the momentum at any given time.

Meyer and the Buckeyes have the potential to be a match made in heaven, with a coach coming in that has been successful everywhere he coaches, and a program that is accustomed to winning.

The cupboard is not bare for Meyer as there is still some talent at Ohio State. At the end of the year, freshman quarterback Braxton Miller started to show why he was being compared to Terrelle Pryor. He is a player a team can build their offense around, and potentially their program as well.

With Meyer taking the helm at Ohio State, the Buckeyes should be able to return to their ways of contending in the Big Ten Conference in conference championships and beyond.