How to make a themed holiday party a hit


You may be wondering when the perfect time to have your holiday party is. You cannot have it too early because it will not be in season, and you cannot have it too late because then people might have plans already.

The ideal time to throw your party is this upcoming Friday or Saturday. Students will be looking to enjoy themselves before they stress out all week during finals.

After deciding the date, you next have to decide the theme for the holiday party.

When asked about deciding the right theme for the party, Breanna Robbins, sophomore in elementary education, had no doubt in her choice.

“Ugly sweater party, hands down,” she said. “It’s really funny to see what people come up with.”

Ugly sweaters are an automatic conversation starter. You can ask anybody where they got acquired their costume. There will be many different answers such as “my mom’s closet” or “a thrift store.” Everyone will be wearing some kind of ugly sweater, so you do not have to look around in your closet and try and make sure that you look good. Dressing dumb is allowed.

Besides tacky sweater parties, another holiday themed party is a White Elephant party.

There are other names for this style of party, including Yankee Swap, Chinese Gift Exchange and Dirty Santa— just to name a few.

At this type of party, you bring a gift. However, it is not a gift that you plan to get someone and be nice. You usually bring an odd gift that you have received in the past that you would like off your hands.

Now that all is missing is the food and drinks for your guests. Tabitha Hayes, sophomore in elementary education, said you do have to get extreme in your snacks.

“Chips and queso to go along with margaritas is the perfect mix when you are drinking,” she said. “There is nothing better than nibbling on some chips and queso while sipping on margaritas.”

Erin Osler, senior in kinesiology, seems to agree with Hayes.

“Any party is time for a margarita,” Osler said. “That is my drink of choice.”

So as the holidays are coming, it’s time to decide on your party, as the time is rapidly arriving. You do not have to go through an extreme amount of effort and time to make sure that your party is a success. The holidays are a time of hanging out with family and friends, and just a time to enjoy yourself.