Adopt for right the reasons, not overpopulation fix


Our world is currently full of problems that some of the brightest minds on earth have yet to solve. In situations like those, the media and other sources will often turn to the common man for the solution. Commercials promising to feed a child for a dollar a day or monetary programs to keep an endangered tiger safe are among the most popular uses of this tactic.

Earth’s overpopulation is one of these global issues that the public is called on to help combat through an extreme and personal decision: adoption. However, adopting a child is too important of a process to undertake for any reason except personal aspiration and the desire to change a child’s life. I believe that people have to understand that before they continue with such a monumental decision.

Adoption, much like anything else, can be and is done for completely the wrong reasons.

Some people adopt to claim a boost on their tax income. Other people will choose to adopt to prove a point or to show how “caring” and “loving” they are, without actually having any interest in the children.

I know two children who were adopted and instantly put to work in their new home, and since then have been used as nothing but labor. These corrupt uses of adoption should not overshadow its design, however, and its main purpose to allow children to have a second chance at a normal and productive childhood, which is the best reason for adoption in the first place.

Research from shows that there are more than 120,000 American children awaiting adoption in the United States. That number is constantly fluctuating and the economic situations of the decade contribute to it.

Purely by numbers, it would take less than 1 percent of the American population to give every one of those children a home, but there are multiple facets to consider, including families who want a baby from a different country and the number of people who are actually adopting.

Considering the number of children awaiting adoption, the idea of adoption as a way to alleviate overpopulation issues truly isn’t a bad one. If more couples adopt children, as opposed to having their own, a child will have a home without adding more people to the inevitable overpopulation issue. Though the idea is solid, I can’t get myself to believe that it’s a good enough reason on its own to forgo having biological children.

“Adoption is not just a notion,” said William Allee, retired postal worker and resident of Kansas City, Mo. “Adopting a child means taking on a life altering role, a role of providing emotional, financial and unconditional support to a child.”

Allee has cared for several children throughout his relationships, some of whom were under his legal custody, some of whom were not. Allee said no matter what the situation is, it’s necessary to go into the adoption process with only the benefit of bettering a life in mind.

“I know several people with adopted children,” Allee said. “The process is long and has lasting effects. Anyone who has the heart and the mindset to go through with the God-awful adoption system gets their kudos from me.”

Allee sided with the argument of adoption for overpopulation, but he also believed that much more should be considered before going through with adoption.

“There are people who do it just to look cool, and not because they want babies. The mistake comes when people realize that you can’t go and put your adopted child to sleep if they turn out to be too big for your yard,” Allee said. “It’s a bummer when you see these stars with adopted children, and they break up. What are those kids going to do now? That’s heartbreaking.”

Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to adoption: There are many women who turn to adoption because they cannot have their own children, but for couples who are able to have kids, the birthing process is an important step in connecting emotionally with the child. The age of adoption is also important to consider, as well as the cost.

Adopting from firms and private agencies can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $35,000, according to the Child Welfare Information Gateway and

I believe that it is unfair to expect the couples of the world to try to solve global issues like overpopulation. Adoption has many more and far better reasons to be done, and if it helps our planet at the same time, that’s wonderful. It is simply too easy to turn a good cause into a less than ideal situation for a child by not considering every aspect of the descision. If you do ever consider adoption, please make sure that all of the factors cross your mind before making the decision to change your life and the life of others.