Skrillex ‘drops it hard’ with The Doors in 4th EP ‘Bangarang’


Electronic music is rapidly taking over as the genre of the future, whether the music purists like it or not. Sure, electronic music may blend together after a while. The gut-wrenching drops of dubstep may eventually leave you mindlessly bored and the screeching synthesizers may leave you with a pulsing headache. But when a song comes into tune with the emotions of a listener, a truly magical experience can result.

Just take a look at any electronic concert around the country. Never has a music genre captivated people so much while simultaneously turning them into raving lunatics. Amidst the flying glow sticks, flashing lasers and mobs of sweaty youth, fans will quickly lose themselves in this music. All self-conscious thought is tossed out the window and all feelings are left at the gate.

Leading the pack of this new generation of rave music is 24-year-old Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex.

Moore originally began his musical career as an emo guitarist and songwriter in the band From First To Last. After a few years of recording and traveling with the band, Moore decided to pursue a solo career. It wasn’t until 2010, however, that he adopted the name Skrillex and released his first EP, “My Name Is Skrillex.”

In less than two years, Skrillex has taken the electronic music scene by storm. Quickly gaining attention and respect, Skrillex recently walked into the spotlight with five Grammy nominations, including Best New Artist. While not single-handedly ushering in the new rave generation, Skrillex is definitely the poster boy of dubstep.

His latest EP, “Bangarang,” comes well-timed with his recent Grammy nods. The fourth EP of his short career, released Dec. 23, 2011, runs just over 30 minutes but packs a powerful punch of songs into seven distinct tracks.

This release is much more musical than previous projects as Skrillex allows for more lyrical samples and syncopated rhythms, all while keeping his hardcore electronic spirit alive.

While Skrillex hasn’t been shy about remixing artists’ past songs, he hasn’t dabbled too much in collaborations. This EP completely changes that, as he welcomes artists to jump on board like young indie rapper Sirah, singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding and dub-electronic DJ 12th Planet, to name a few.

Oh, and did I mention The Doors have gone dubstep? That’s right, the surviving members of the ‘60s psychedelic band have teamed with Skrillex and are featured on the song “Breakin’ a Sweat.” The song is a smash hit, as it offers a taste of the jazzy sounds of The Doors over the beat-heavy dubstep. The song is part of the developing Re:Generation project, which teams current electronic artists with various big-name artists from completely different genres.

Another highlight of the EP is the title track “Bangarang.” It features Sirah, and provides some of Skrillex’s best lyrical intertwining yet.

The track “Kyoto” enters with a heavy, distorted guitar rhythm, building up to a Sirah line: “Yo Skrill, drop it hard.” Naturally following is a whining drop with eerie upper-registered synthesized sounds. The song is a bit of an ego-boost, and it sounds as if Skrillex has discovered his walk-in song should he ever venture into a wrestling career.

The final song on the EP, “Summit,” successfully brings the listener to a settled peak. The dreamy, reverb-heavy piano lies softly over an Ellie Goulding hook. The song never drops into a mind-bending dub-heavy beat, providing the listener with a peaceful end to a great production.

Time will tell if Skrillex’s five Grammy nominations actually turn into awards, but with the powerful release of “Bangarang” and his first studio album coming sometime in 2012, it is evident that this emo-turned-rave artist is nowhere near slowing down.

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