Moment on kiss cam turns into surprise proposal


Minutes before the tipoff on Saturday at the men’s basketball game against Texas A&M, Bramlage Coliseum’s “kiss cam” searched the crowd for loving couples willing to exchange a kiss on the big screen. The crowd let out their “aww”s as couples, young and old, looked adoringly, or embarrassingly, at each other and exchanged a kiss.

When the camera glanced over Christie Shofler and Jordan Carpenter, however, it focused in on the couple a little longer than usual as she went in for a kiss, but he pulled out a ring.

“Christie, will you marry me?” flashed on the screen as Shofler covered her mouth with excitement and let out a few happy tears.

Happily for Carpenter, the exchange was followed by the Voice of the Wildcats, Wyatt Thompson, announcing for all of Bramlage to hear, “She said yes!”

The proposal was a complete surprise for Schofler, as she thought they were just another lucky couple to make it on the kiss cam.

“It was a huge surprise,” Schofler said. “I hoped that he was going to do something, I was hoping that we were going to get engaged, but I had no idea how or when. I really didn’t think anything of it at first, but when he pulled out the ring I was pretty shocked.”

Christie Schofler is a senior majoring in public health and nutrition, and her new fiancé, Jordan Carpenter, is a K-State graduate of 2010 with a bachelor’s of science.

The newly engaged have been together since May 27, 2010, and met through a friend of Schofler’s old roommate.

Carpenter was a bartender at Porter’s Bar when the two met, and though skeptical of the fact he worked at a bar, Schofler said they hit it off right away.

And, well, they have been together ever since.

Planning the engagement took some time for Carpenter, two months to be exact, but in the end, he said he could not have been happier with how everything played out.

“It took quite a while,” Carpenter said. “We had her family and all my family, all spread out throughout Bramlage so Christie wouldn’t see them. We got a hold of the athletic department to get the kiss cam thing set up, and everyone was just hoping in some way that it would end up like the way it did.”

Not everyone gets their engagement officially announced by Wyatt Thompson, and for these K-Staters, it was something they will never forget.

“I didn’t look back at the screen, so when I heard that I was like, ‘they’re still watching us?'” Schofler said. “I didn’t see myself, I didn’t know they knew we were going to get engaged, so hearing that was really cool.”

Schofler and Carpenter plan on tying the knot on June 1, 2013, and Schofler said finding their venue is already done.

“We have the church booked already,” Schofler said. “We’re so excited.”

While getting engaged in Bramlage Coliseum shows true Wildcat pride, these two plan on keeping purple in their veins well after Schofler graduates from K-State.

“We’re pretty big K-State fans,” Carpenter said. “Anything K-State, like football, basketball, just anything. We plan to be very active alumni with all of K-State.”

Congratulations, Christie and Jordan.