Ways to save cash as a K-State student


The years you spend in college go by so quickly so take advantage as many benefits as you can before you are thrown into the real, adult world — a world where you will not get very many discounts until you’re a senior citizen.

Here are 10 suggestions that you should take advantage of while you are at K-State.

1. Paying for a gym membership is often extremely costly, especially for students. By giving up your gym membership and going to the Peters Recreation Complex and the Natatorium, you can exercise without spending too much and take advantage of group fitness sessions, personal training, intramurals and hundreds of machines and weights.

2. If you are a sports fan, K-State has very reasonably priced student passes. ICAT ticket holders pay $295 for a combined football and basketball pass and general admission ticket holders pay $235. For less than $300 you can attend seven football and 16 basketball games. If these prices still seem unreasonable to you, all volleyball and baseball games are free with a student ID, and remember, K-State currently holds the title of the No. 1 fan experience in the Big 12 Conference.

3. When going to Aggieville on the weekends, you usually have to appoint a designated driver. Because you are a K-State student, however, everyone can join in on the fun. SafeRide’s mission is to save lives and prevent injuries and damage to property by offering students and their guests a safe alternative to drunken driving and other threatening situations. It is essentially a free taxi ride for you and your friends. SafeRide operates from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

4. Events in McCain Auditorium are reasonably priced. As a student, you can see famous people and performances without breaking the bank. For example, STOMP is coming to McCain Feb. 26 and a standard ticket price is $39, whereas a student ticket is only $19.50. Just because you’re a student, you are saving close to $20. The Union Program Council also sponsors events that are cheap or free.

5. You can take advantage Hale Library. Instead of buying books for your leisure reading at a book store, check them out from Hale. You can save a lot of money by simply renting your books. Also, every student has money on their ID for printing. Why not use someone else’s paper and ink for free?

6. If you find yourself struggling in a class, get a tutor. You don’t have to pay for it and tutoring can help you immensely in practically any subject in which you are having problems. Leisure Hall and the Writing Center are two places on campus that offer tutoring free of charge to students.

7. Lafene Health Center offers inexpensive medical assistance to students. Lafene has a full-service pharmacy, laboratory for diagnostic testing, a radiology department for X-rays, physical therapy and nutrition counseling. Their clinics include allergies, sports medicine, travel and a women’s clinic. Why spend an outrageous amount of money when you can be treated within walking distance of your classes? They even have a shuttle that will drop you off across the street at the Kramer Dining Center.

8. The Information Technology Help Desk, located on the second floor of Hale, can resolve a lot of your frustrating computer problems free of charge. They are open every day of the week and do not close until midnight Monday through Friday. If you do not start your homework until late and there is a computer malfunction, they can help. Students can call or email the team, chat online or submit an online ticket with details of their problem.

9. Take advantage of the free meals you see advertised all around campus. Food can be expensive and if you are on a budget, a free meal should excite you. Many free meals come with a recruiting event. No one says if you eat the food you will be forced to join the club. However, it’s polite to stick around, and, you never know, you could end up loving the organization. Plus, a lot of organizations provide free meals at every meeting or prizes and other free items.

10. If you are looking for a cheap, laid back date, go see a movie in the K-State Student Union. The UPC shows a movie in Forum Hall nearly every weekend for $2 or less. Going to the movie theater frequently can quickly diminish your checking account. You could go see three UPC movies and buy a small snack at the Cat’s Den for the price of a student ticket at a movie theater.

Attending college is expensive, why would you not try and get your money’s worth? Do not take your student status for granted.