Pros, cons of marriage while still in college


To the point is an editorial selected and debated by the editorial board and written after a majority opinion is formed. This is the Collegian’s official opinion.    

College is a time in a person’s life that many different things happen. A few of those things are: learning new things, making new friends, discovering your passions, making mistakes and, in some people’s cases, getting married.

The Collegian editorial board believes that every couple’s relationship is different. Something that works for one relationship does not mean that it will work for another.

It is common for couples to get engaged during college, but getting married while in college could bring unwanted challenges.

Planning a traditional wedding takes ample amounts of time. Many hard and timely decisions have to be made which can be stressful, especially while studying in college.

Life after college could bring dramatic changes that might change certain views or feelings you have. It is important to be aware of this challenge and keep it in consideration if you are engaged or married.

We believe that it is less stressful and better to wait to get married until after graduation. But if you do decide to get married while still in college, we believe it is essential to discuss goals and expectations to make sure to keep your education a priority.

Every relationship is at a different maturity level, so marriage could be the next step in your relationship, it could be way down the road or you may be in a committed relationship that does not lead to marriage.

The aspect of having a committed spouse that will always be there for you is an amazing thing and having that support system could be beneficial.

There are also financial benefits to getting married while in college, especially if your spouse is in the military. But the Collegian believes that couples should get married primarily because of love and not financial benefits.

There is no need to rush into marriage because of graduation or peer pressure. Marriage is an important and extraordinary thing that should be taken into careful consideration, whether you are a college student or not.