Family recipe simple to make



Since I live eight hours from home, I don’t usually get to go home for small holidays or breaks. This Easter was no different. To make the day feel a little more homey and special I decided to make one of the most basic home foods: meatloaf.

My family doesn’t have a special meatloaf recipe so I turned to the next best thing – Martha Stewart. I love Martha Stewart, her magazine, her DIY projects and her recipes. Martha didn’t let me down; this recipe tastes like classic homestyle meatloaf, which is just what I was wanting.

Preparation: HHHH

Preparation was pretty simple. It required a few steps – grinding and mixing the bread, chopping the onions and garlic and mixing everything up. My one big hang-up with meatloaf is the whole loaf part. Seeing my meat in a loaf and slicing pieces off of it is a little gross. So, to ease my wariness, I made hamburger-like portions of the meat mix instead of a loaf. To make smaller portions, I simply put a piece of saran wrap in a one-cup measuring cup and then formed them into even mounds on the baking dish.

One side note: I used parchment paper in the bottom of my baking pan and the liquid seeped out and burned on the pan. With over an hour of cooking time, the seepage got burned crusty black onto the pan. It took two soaks, one overnight and one refresher the following morning, to get all the burned stuff off the pan. Next time I make this, I would definitely use aluminum foil instead of parchment paper. The foil can crimp around the edges of the pan so there not much room for spillage. Plus, once you take the foil off, give it a rinse and that’s one less dish you have to wash.

Taste: HHHH

This meatloaf tastes like classic, homestyle meatloaf. It’s a bit heavy on the onion taste, so the next time I make it, I’d probably saute the onions and garlic before I mix it all together. Sauteing them would make the taste sweeter and less crunchy. I don’t like crunchy onions in my food, so this was a big flaw for me, thus the four instead of five rating.

I used 1 pound of beef and 1 pound of pork instead of the 75/25 mix it calls for. It’s just easier to make this way since you buy meat in 1-pound portions.

I also toasted the bread slices in the oven prior to grinding, which added a bit of flavor and made the bread easier to grind.

Leftover potential:HHHHH

This meatloaf actually tastes better the next day. The flavors have a chance to blend overnight. Like most food, the meatloaf reheats the best in the oven. I put a new layer of ketchup glaze on it before I re-baked it and it tasted great.