International students share fashions, dances


A lighthearted atmosphere pervaded the K-State Student Union’s Forum Hall on Tuesday night as students from around the world, including locations such as Thailand, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, modeled clothes and performed dances from their home countries. Some people sang traditional songs from their home countries, and there was even a demonstration of various head coverings from around the world.

The International Fashion Show was a part of International Week, sponsored by the International Coordinating Council.

Leslie Ang, graduate student in industrial engineering and member of the Philippine Student Association, coordinated the Filipino student performances and said she had experience from being a model last year.

“We had to submit a script to the committee, pictures for the background and music,” Ang said. “We performed a little dance and we provided different variations of the traditional costumes, adult and children.”

Ang said 11 people from several tribes including the Tausug, Yakan and Itugao showed off their clothing while traditional songs from their tribes played.

Although the event went relatively well for most, some students experienced technical difficulties while performing.

Lanielyn Naylor, member of the Philippine Student Association, said she had to adjust while performing a traditional Filipino dance.

“It feels great, we did our performance, but they changed the music,” Naylor said.

Naylor said she still enjoyed the chance to dance, and other groups from India, Nepal, Russia and Panama also presented dances.

Tanmay Varma, junior in computer science and treasurer for the ICC, said it took a long time to set up the event.

“It just requires planning, we figured out the dates last September, but we’ve been working towards it and finding funding,” Varma said. “Sometimes it’s tough, but we managed.”

Many international students were involved in the show. Varma said the ICC notified the students’ groups by sending messages out to their various Listservs. This is just one of the many events that are part of International Week which the ICC put on to expose students to cultures from around the word.

Varma said the groups were told they could represent their countries in any way they wanted to.

“Our main goal is to put on a good show that’s diverse so the local community can experience how it is in different countries,” Varma said.

Forum Hall was overflowing with people from many countries; some people had to watch while standing on the stairs near the back of the hall.

Spencer Murdock, sophomore in business management, said his favorite part of the program was the Taekwondo performance because of the incorporation of black lights and glow sticks.

“I thought it was pretty cool, it was different than I was expecting, and there were a lot of examples from around the world,” Murdock said.

One of the crowd’s favorite events seemed to be the demonstration of head coverings during intermission. The host encouraged audience participation and had volunteers from the crowd model some of the gear.

Some of the hats included a sombrero, fez, a baseball cap, a Mickey Mouse cap and a Rasta cap with dreadlocks, which the master of ceremonies put on while singing a Bob Marley song.

The model who gained the most laughs was a little girl in a baseball cap who had to be told what to do by adjacent models, and a man in traditional Saudi Arabian garb who struck poses to the enjoyment of the crowd.

Overall, the crowd seemed satisfied with the different countries’ performances.

“I’d like to do it again,” Naylor said. “But just make sure the music is right.”