Players compete for starting positions during spring training


Tuesday afternoon, head football coach Bill Snyder gave members of the media another inside look at how the football team is developing this spring. With the Spring Game just around the corner, fans will get a first hand look at the projected starters and which players are competing for opportunities to see the field. With 17 returning starters, there is fierce competition between players to get those few open positions.

This will be the first year of the Big 12 Conference’s new lineup. Since K-State has no previous experience playing these teams, it will be the scouts’ job to watch film and prepare the Wildcats for the new opponents.

“In the out of season we do our scout reports and planning of upcoming opponents,” said Snyder. “We then revisit it during the latter stages of the spring practice and revisit it again during the month of June.”

There was a lot of buzz about the Wildcats’ receiving core going into this year. K-State is returning wide receivers Chris Harper, senior, and Tyler Lockett, sophomore, both of whom were starters for the Wildcats last season. Junior Tramaine Thompson, who played in 12 games for the Wildcats, and sophomore Curry Sexton who played in 11 games, are both returning at wide receiver.

“Building kind of off what we did in the fall, returning basically everyone for the most part I think has allowed us to go into the spring with a lot of experience and a lot of depth,” said Sexton. “I think from two deep and then some, we have seven or eight guys who, at this point, are really capable of making plays for us all the way across the board.”

Adding to the receiving core are a pair of returning tight ends for the Wildcats. Senior Travis Tannahill and junior Andre McDonald both saw a lot of action in 2011-12 for K-State. Tannahill has played in all 13 games for the Wildcats the last two seasons and will look to make a big contribution in 2012-13.

“This year, some of my personal goals are, win a championship,” said Tannahill. “I’ve never won a championship and I’ve never won a bowl game, so I’d like to knock those two things off the list.”