Hip-hop violinist draws crowd in Bosco Plaza


By Michael Stanton

The crowd in Bosco Student Plaza witnessed a unique blend of
music on Tuesday afternoon as recording artist Svet performed popular hip-hop songs and several
of his own singles as part of K-State’s Week of Welcome festivities. 

Svet rose to fame playing the electric violin and found mainstream recognition on this season of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” 

Svet took the stage in the plaza in front of a small group of students and launched into an inspired and energetic performance that soon drew a significant crowd. 

“I was just sitting around [in the plaza], but I liked what I was hearing, so I came to watch,” said Kaitlyn Wolf, junior in public relations.

Even a technical problem that caused his speakers to shut off midway through his new single “String Theory” did little to dampen the lively atmosphere. Within a few minutes, Svet was back onstage, effortlessly weaving long violin jams and smooth vocals and steadily drawing more spectators from inside the K-State Student Union and around the plaza. 

“I was walking by on the way to class and stopped to watch,” said Andrew Cook, freshman in open option. “It seemed pretty cool, so I decided to stick around.”

began playing the violin as a 3-year-old in Bulgaria, where he was trained
in classical music. 

“I had no idea what hip-hop was when I moved to the United
States in 1998,” Svet said. He fell in love with the genre while continuing to
study classical violin in his high school orchestra. 

“I started making beats
and producing my own tracks,” Svet said. “My high school years were a real
transition period for me.”

Svet began
to realize his lifelong dream of a career in music when he went on tour during
college. He rose to national prominence after one of his videos drew the
attention of NBC producers, who invited him to try out for ”America’s Got Talent” in St. Louis.

Svet advanced through several
rounds of competition, particularly impressing celebrity judge Howard Stern. 

“In [Stern’s] eyes, I was the best violin player he’d ever seen,” Svet said. “I
thought it was cool that I impressed him that much.” 

Although Svet did not get the chance to compete for first place in the reality show, which consistently
generates viewership in the tens of millions and has been nominated for an Emmy
award, he is grateful for the national exposure it gave him. 

“It was a great
experience,” Svet said. “I was showcased on a national level. I met and became
friends with lots of very talented people, and it was a huge boost for my

Svet, who draws inspiration from artists like Usher and David Guetta, is optimistic about his future in the music industry. Although he didn’t make the finals of ”America’s Got Talent,” he doesn’t anticipate a return to the show. 

“Right now, I’m just excited to see where music will take me,” he said. “I’m living the dream I’ve had as long as I can remember. I want to change the music industry, note by note.”