What makes K-State one of the top universities in the nation for you?

The reason I love being at K-State is because almost every class is taught by a fully qualified professor.
-Austin Nichols, news editor

I love the environment at K-State. Everyone is so friendly and people push each other to excel academically and as a person.
-Andy Rao, editor-in-chief

I’m a nontraditional student and, at my age, I would much prefer to be in the working world than in school. However, coming to K-State has afforded me the opportunity to try new things I may have never otherwise been exposed to — namely, the Collegian. I love my job.
-Karen Ingram, edge editor

K-State is especially good at making students feel welcome. I love the amount of resources available to every person.
-Darrington Clark, managing editor

There are so many ways to become involved, and all of my professors are so passionate about teaching that it inspires me to work harder as a student. 
-Kelsey McClelland, opinion editor

I love the size of campus.
-Tommy Theis, photo editor

I like how accessible my professors are – anytime I need help, I know I will find it. 
– Laura Thacker, managing copy chief

Mostly because it’s not KU, but also because I love the people and the environment.
– Sarah Throckmorton, design editor

I love K-State because of the spirit of our fans.  No matter what happens we always support each other.
-Sarah Megee, social media and video editor

I like K-State because it has the small town feel, with everything you can do in a big city.
-Mark Kern, sports editor