First annual Kedziepalooza event draws journalism students, publicizes media groups


Students in journalism and mass communications and the Collegian Media
Group, formerly known as Student Publications, assembled on the
Kedzie Hall Courtyard on Tuesday to commence the first ever Kedziepalooza. More than 200
students visited the courtyard to participate.

Students celebrated the beginning of a new semester and invited other
students into their programs. TakeFlight, AD Club, KSDB-FM 91.9, the Royal Purple
yearbook, The Watch and PRSSA were all present to inform new students on how
to be involved in their programs this semester.

“We’re here representing today because, overall, we are working hard at getting
a university wide brand,” said Melissa Loehr, senior in business marketing. “I
know it may sound boring to someone uninterested; however, it is really fun if
that’s what you’re into.”

Loehr stood at her display with handouts, greeting students during the

“Dole Hall is always looking for students to put into positions and handing
out applications for jobs,” Loehr said.

Students from the A. Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications
enjoyed free pizza and Pepsi products while learning about
opportunities in K-State’s media groups and clubs.

Robby Hudson, junior in public relations, walked around the different
displays, stopping to comment on what he said was a ”pretty good crowd.”
Like Hudson, the other students in attendance were eager to learn more about the
field they had chosen to study.

“It was a blast, I enjoyed the free merchandise and ‘shwag’ the
different groups had to offer,” said Logan Falletti, sophomore in public
relations. “I’m really excited to learn about what Kedzie and its affiliates
have to offer me, because I switched my major. PR seems to be more
marketable, with a more presentable image. I feel they have more skills to give

Amy Montgomery, senior in public relations, was on a mission to
promote the event. Montgomery was eager to meet with students sharing her

“I think it’s cool to hang out with people from the same JMC School and
meet the people in similar majors,” Montgomery said.

The Wildcat 91.9 played music while prizes, merchandise, and
giveaways were handed out to eager scholars and “JMCers.”

“It was a great idea to gather all the opportunities to get involved all in
one place to see everything there is to offer,” said Caitlin Whetstone,
sophomore in mass communications and promotions director for The Wildcat 91.9.

The Wildcat 91.9 DJs and promoters were present at their own display.

“It provides a lot of options for those [students] really looking to get
involved. I’m excited that The Wildcat 91.9 was a part of this kind of event to
give awareness for what we do and how others can take part,” Whetstone said. “It
was the first event we were out at this semester so it’s exciting to meet with
all the people within the journalism school and talk to those that maybe didn’t
know who we were before.” 

Program directors and advisers also said they were pleased with the turnout at the event.

“Convergence of mass media really has been a big thing lately, we’re
all just trying to get our word out and get more people involved,” said
Jared Clark, junior in pre-journalism and mass communications and program director for The Wildcat 91.9. “I personally am excited to have met with all the
different groups.”  

Students and advisers both said they considered the first Kedziepalooza a step
forward for the JMC School and that Kedziepalooza may be an annual event at K-State.