SGA update


The K-State Student Union Big 12 Room was host to a shorter-than-usual Student Governing Association meeting Thursday, in which they welcomed their new faculty adviser, swore in their new interns and passed bills.

The meeting kicked off with a few words from Heather Reed, associate dean and director of student life and new SGA faculty adviser.

“I want to help students be successful,” Reed said. “[I took the job for] a chance to work with student leaders.”

Ellen Collingwood, sophomore in pre-journalism & mass communications, was named SGA member of the week for her contributions to the last meeting, and then SGA members unanimously passed bills that are standard operating procedures for every year.

The new interns were sworn in and introduced to the room. They each said their name, hometown, major and “spirit animal.”

“I was on student council all four years of high school,” said Emily Wheeler, freshman in business administration, “so i wanted to see what SGA was about. [I want to] help students in any way that i can.”

There were 55 applicants for the intern program and 25 were sworn in.

“[We were] looking for passion for K State [in our interns] and an interest in giving back,” said Abby Works, sophomore in food science and intern coordinator.

A few announcements were then made before members dispersed. The next meeting will be held next Thursday in the Big 12 Room at 7 p.m.