K-State student starts social media company


In the U.S.’s current economic state, many people are shying away from starting a business. However, that’s not the case for Brandon Painter, junior in marketing and founder of JubeoSocial, a social media strategy service.

The company focuses on social media branding. Basically, JubeoSocial outsources logo design and tag lines and gives paying companies a social face. According to Painter, social media is necessary for any marketing strategy, regardless of the service a company provides.

“Lots of businesses in Manhattan are old school,” Painter said. “Companies don’t exactly know how to handle social media. JubeoSocial sort of holds their hand through that process.”

Painter said he does his best to humanize the company so the average social media user doesn’t view updates as spam. If a user can connect with a company through social media, they are more likely to make use of their services.

One of JubeoSocial’s more recent clients is Manhattan Computer Hospital. Jeff Hoover, owner, had never attempted to utilize social media until Painter stepped in. Though initially somewhat skeptical, Hoover saw potential in the partnership.

“[Painter] is pretty hip with the social networking side of the operation,” Hoover said. “He has a lot of ideas of how to appeal to the younger kids and reach people through social media. It made sense to work with him.”

Small businesses like Hoover’s are exactly the sort of clientele JubeoSocial is looking for. Painter noted Hoover’s likability was one of the main reason he enjoys working with him. 

“Jeff is a crazy smart guy. He’s very good at what he does, and very personable,” Painter said. “We like customers like that: those who are all about the customer as soon as you walk in the door.”

Though the partnership is just getting started, both parties have high hopes for the future. Since Manhattan Computer Hospital is a smaller operation, Hoover indicates volume as its biggest downfall. 

“We can’t offer the selection of some of the bigger chains,” Hoover said. “What we make up for here is service.”

Painter is not alone in his endeavor. He has hired Blair Wilen, junior in marketing, as his director of new business. Wilen’s job is to find new clients and convince them to work with JubeoSocial.

“There haven’t been any solid numbers that we can show new companies,” Wilen said. “There are skeptics, and we’ve faced rejection, which has been demoralizing. So we want to garner information from those we have worked with so companies will be more willing to sign on.”

Wilen noted how difficult it can be as a full-time student to help a company grow. According to him, Painter does a majority of the workload. 

“Brandon is a hell of a worker,” Wilen said. “I can’t fathom how he does it.”

This is not Painter’s only experience in the marketing world. He has also written social media strategies for Johnson County Parks and Recreation while working with Trozzolo Communications Group this past summer. Currently, he serves as vice president of promotions for MyRibit.com, which he says is a website every K-State student should utilize.

The first component of MyRibit.com is a resource file in which students can post notes and review guides for classes they have previously taken. The second works as a student marketplace, which Painter compares to Craigslist. The last deals with teacher recommendations, in which students can rate their professors.

Painter has been involved with design changes to make the site more user friendly. Mostly, he just wants knowledge of the site to spread. 

“MyRibit is awesome,” Painter said. “Everyone should use it.”

As far as the future is concerned, neither Painter nor Wilen know where JubeoSocial will end up. 

“It’s too hard to say where everything will take us,” Wilen said. “A lot of things could happen between now and graduation.”

Painter seems to agree. 

“I have no idea if I’ll continue this after college. I don’t know what will happen six hours from now,” Painter said. “I just roll with the punches. I pour myself into everything I do, and I’ll see where I end up a few years down the road.”