Senior volleyball co-captain Kathleen Ludwig reflects on leadership


The key to this K-State volleyball has been the leadership displayed by their veterans. Senior co-captain Kathleen Ludwig is a leader of the Wildcat team and a player others look to for motivation. On the season, Ludwig is third on the team in kills with 82. Ludwig sat down with the Collegian yesterday to discuss the season, and how she became a K-State volleyball player.

Q: Besides playing volleyball, you were very successful in track in high school. Was track an option for college or were you set on playing volleyball?

A: ”It was mainly volleyball. I enjoyed track. I liked running and jumping in high school for a few years, but volleyball had been my main focus. I had been playing club volleyball since I was in the fifth grade, so I had been traveling and playing year-round, so it was kind of volleyball all the way for me.”

Q: You were a redshirt your freshman year. Can you talk about what you learned that year and how it helped you improve your game?

A: ”It helped me tremendously in a lot of areas, to be honest. I had a year to get stronger and get used to the intensified level of play. It is a pretty big jump. It doesn’t matter where you went to high school, it is a big jump. It also made me hungrier. I missed competing, and I wanted so badly to get out there and compete. At the time it was difficult, because nobody wants to sit on the sideline. I am so happy that I have this year and that I am able to be here and part of this team.”

Q: As the co-captain of the team, after the Oklahoma game, did you feel that it was on you to help the team put it in the past and move forward?

A: ”The first thing that I said was there is nothing we can do except learn from it. We can’t take it back. It was something that wasn’t ideal, and none of us wanted or expected, but all we can do is learn from it. You can’t hang on to any win or loss for too long. That was the intial thought. If we can bounce back and recognize when we are in those situations in the future and fix them quicker, then we can maybe come out with the win. Let’s use it to learn from it and let it go, and there is nothing else to do but look forward.”

Q: You are also an elementary education major. Do you feel that being a captain and working in the classroom can go hand-in-hand?

A: ”I see a lot of connections of teamwork and playing together in leadership and teaching. I think that a lot of it is what each individual person needs. It is important to recognize that no two players are the same, just like no two students are the same. It has definitely helped me out in learning different styles and how everyone is the way that they are. That is what makes it special and thats how we can work together and use that to our advantage.”