University to keep using ‘K-State’ name


In a statement released Wednesday afternoon, K-State President Kirk Schulz denied reports that the popular nickname K-State would no longer officially be used in reference to the school.

According to the press release, remarks that Schulz made regarding the representation of the university to audiences outside of the region were misconstrued. 

The remarks came in a discussion regarding K-State’s plan to be recognized as a top-50 public research university by 2025. Schulz stated that the “K-State” moniker is often misunderstood by audiences in other regions, specifically in academic circles, where “Kansas State University” is preferred for its clarity. K-State could easily be confused with other universities like Kentucky State University in such a setting.

“The nickname K-State has become common to those of us in the state and region, and we recognize the strength of being known to certain audiences as K-State,” Schulz said in the statement. “Whatever we’re called, we are still committed to our goal of rising to the Top 50.”

Over a 10-hour period, Schulz sent out more than 25 tweets attempting to quell the rumor. One such tweet read “Folks – we are NOT dropping the use of ‘K-State’! We are simply using Kansas State University more strategically than in the past. #KState.”

“’K-State’ is part of our brand DNA,” said Jeff Morris, vice president for communications and marketing, according to the press release. “It is not going away.”