Campus updates discussed by SGA


At the Student Governing Association meeting Thursday, student body president Nathan Spriggs, senior in agricultural economics, discussed many ongoing projects around campus, including drawing up plans to redesign the K-State Student Union sometime in the future. 

This week’s SGA member of the week was Ross Allen, sophomore in economics, due to his help in developing these plans by researching unions at other universities to see how they compare to K-State’s. 

Spriggs also discussed plans for making the parking lot south of the Peters Recreation Complex a student-only lot when the Rec is open. Plans for the lot include installing ID card readers so that any student can park in the lot for a set period of time.

Spriggs then moved to plans for new volleyball, basketball and tennis courts at the Rec. The amount of money originally set aside for these courts will not be enough to cover all phases of the project, and if an agreement for more funds cannot be met, the project will not be completed.

“Now that it’s all torn up, we need to make sure it gets finished,” Spriggs said.

Phase one of the project is complete, and a bid for phase two has just been accepted. Phase two includes building all of the courts as well as curbs, sidewalks and fences. There is not enough money left to complete phase three, which is the building of an actual structure.

The meeting featured a speaker from Teach for America, an organization that sends college graduates to low-income schools to teach for two years. People who enroll in this program do not have to have an education degree.

Kayla Mohnsen, sophomore in biological systems engineering, took the lecturn to inform the room about a new research program that could be heading to campus. The program would take waste like cooking oil from around campus and turn it into bio-fuels. 

“It would save the university money,” Mohnsen said, “and give students tangible experience, because it would create student jobs.”

Andrew Waldman, senior in industrial engineering, spoke on the
upcoming student ambassadors race. Ambassadors will travel around the state and speak at
alumni events throughout the year.

Applications for student ambassador positions are due by Tuesday, Oct. 2, in order for students to be eligible to run.

The room then debated bills for allocating funds to different student organizations to bring in various speakers and musicians in the coming weeks.

The SGA will meet next Thursday in the Big 12 room of the Union at 7 p.m.