Comic books, characters parodied on YouTube


While comic books have been transitioning onto the big screen for years, they can also be found in many forms online. YouTube is a particularly good place to find video parodies of comics.

One of the best I’ve seen is “The Death and Return of Superman,” a short parody film by Max Landis, director of the science-fiction
film “Chronicle.” The video centers around the comic book “The
Death of Superman,” released by DC Comics in 1992, and explains the story incredibly well using many well-known actors. It is 16 minutes
full of super punches and DC-based jokes.

Why did DC kill Superman and then bring him back to life? DC brought in four different possible
characters to replace Superman, and they are all equally amusing in this video. It made me laugh, and it totally
made sense. It explains the comics well even to people who are not familiar with them. After watching, I didn’t have any questions, which is surprising since I’m not a fan of DC

Landis’ parody really made me want to look into his other work. If you
enjoy YouTube videos and superheroes, you should definitely look up “The
Death and Return of Superman.” It is necessary to keep in mind, though, that this video contains strong language not found in the comic book.

Another good YouTube comic parody is “The Dark Knight and ’60s Robin.” I can’t say it is the best-made video on
YouTube, but I can say with certainty that it is hilarious. The video shows Batman fighting Bane,
the villain in the newest Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises.” About
30 seconds into an intense fight scene between the two, ’60s Robin runs in
complaining about Batman leaving him behind. He then proceeds to get beaten to a pulp by
Bane. It is an all-around hilarious video with a bit of a twist. I can’t say
that I wouldn’t punch ’60s Robin in the face, either. So if you like comic
books, and especially if you enjoy “The Death and Return of Superman,” then you
should check this one out.

Another popular YouTube comic book parody is “The
Super Force,” posted by My Damn Channel. This seven-part series features superheroes who fight crime in roundabout ways. However, because this is a parody of comic heroes in general, it is definitely not the video for dedicated comic
book fans. My favorite hero of the bunch is World Man, because of his bad jokes and arrogance.

While I found these videos entertaining, true comic book fans might be offended by them, so I suggest keeping an open mind while viewing.

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