SGA discusses replacement email service, increased Housing and Dining fees


The Student Governing Association made several announcements at their Thursday meeting in the Big 12 Room of the K-State Student Union, including the eventual replacement of Zimbra webmail services, termination of the Union’s food service providers’ contract with K-State and an increase in Housing and Dining fees for next year.

Grant Hill, student body vice president and senior in accounting, spoke on the 
recent crash of Zimbra.

“It was the last straw that broke the camel’s back,” Hill said.

The Student Technology Committee is now looking for a new service to 
replace Zimbra or a new host site for Zimbra.

SGA also announced that the food service provider for the Union and Einstein Brothers Bagels have terminated their contract with K State and will cease services on Dec. 31 if an agreement is not met. The Union is currently looking at bids from other companies, as well as receiving a new bid from the current provider.

Finally, SGA announced that starting next year there will be a 3.3 percent increase in fees for Housing and Dining.

Other issues discussed include the upcoming remodel of West Hall and expansions of Derby and Kramer Dining Centers, the approval of funds to finish the tennis court project and the remodeling of lecture halls in Cardwell Hall due to asbestos in the ceilings. 

SGA then received a visit from Lee Modesitt, a Republican running for state representative in the 66th district. Modesitt said that his political affiliation does not limit his view points.

“I think Democrats have good ideas,” said Modesitt. “I like to sit 
down with them and discuss those ideas.”

When asked about his position on various hot-button issues like 
abortion and poverty, Modesitt decided to address what he considered to be the least controversial one: poverty. Modesitt described his childhood and how his mother had to work two jobs to support their family.

“[We should] give people a hand up, not a hand out,” Modesitt said. 
“I don’t want to create a culture of dependency.”

SGA will meet next Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Big 12 Room in the Union.