What are you doing, or could you do, to conserve energy?

I’m already a vegetarian, which means my diet uses approximately 200 fewer gallons of water a day than the diet of someone who eats meat. What more do you people want from me?
Sarah Throckmorton, design editor

To save energy I try and walk or ride my bike instead of driving to save our valuable resources.
Tommy Theis, photo editor

I plan to conserve energy by converting my time machine from gasoline-powered to a hybrid. With a Mr. Fusion, of course. It’s just not a time machine unless it runs on egg shells and beer cans.
Karen Sarita Ingram, edge editor

My biggest pet peeve is people leaving the lights and television sets on in my house.  I try my best to turn everything off that isn’t being used and minimizing air conditioner use. 
Kelsey McClelland, opinion editor

My energy consumption is very high due to the fact that I drive to campus every day. I plan on walking to campus more so I burn less fuel and help fix the parking crisis.
Austin Nichols, news editor

I’m trying to get better about recycling at home, at work and on campus. It amazes me that people don’t utilize the on-campus recycling bins more — and that they use them incorrectly.

Laura Thacker, managing copy chief

Since I use so much paper on a daily basis, I do my best to recycle paper and choose products made from recycled paper, too.

Darrington Clark, managing editor

I’m trying to save energy by not leaving the TV on so much.

Mark Kern, sports editor

I try to make sure to unplug all of my appliances, chargers and other things when I am not at home or I am not using them.

Sarah Megee, social media and video editor

I try to make sure that I do my part when it comes to wasteful consumption; I always try to turn lights and appliances off and also try to recycle as much as I can.

Andy Rao, editor-in-chief