What is one way that you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

I think the most important thing you can do is find an exercise that you genuinely enjoy, such as basketball, biking or even skateboarding. If you enjoy working out, it makes it much less of a hassle, and more of an hobby.
–Tommy Theis, photo editor

I’ve recently cut all soda out of my diet. I’ve done that once before and I lost around 10 pounds.
–Darrington Clark, managing editor

I try to make sure I eat fruits and veggies every day. 
— Laura Thacker, managing copy chief

I try to eat healthy, but I don’t know how much good it does me since I drink and smoke. 
–Karen Ingram, edge editor

I cook a well-rounded meal every night and I’m currently attempting to drink more water.
— Kelsey McClelland, opinion editor

I walk to class everyday instead of driving.
–Austin Nichols, news editor

I try to eat a fairly healthy diet, my bike is my only method of transportation and I go to the Rec almost every night.
–Mike Stanton, assistant news editor

I try to get a decent amount of sleep and take time to exercise so I can deal with stressors and stay mentally and physically healthy.
–Andy Rao, editor-in-chief 

I try to stay really involved and active. I walk to class everyday, am involved in many dance classes, and also work out on a daily basis. I have all of these in my daily schedule which helps me keep on top of staying healthy.
–Sarah Megee, social media and video editor

I like to play basketball because it is a sport that I love and it keeps me active.
–Mark Kern, sports editor

I try to watch what I eat by using the calorie counter information that housing and dining puts online and I work out daily with my roommate.
–Emily DeShazer, assistant photo editor