Race to BCS title begins


Well college football fans, the season is eight weeks in, which means the BCS rankings have officially been released. Like them or hate them, the BCS is the only poll that matters from here on out in the season.

For the most part, the top five teams should not surprise anyone, or at least anyone who has actually been paying attention through every teams’ first six games.

Coming in at No. 1 is the University of Alabama, followed by Florida, Oregon, K-State and Notre Dame. The only major change from the AP rankings was the fact that Florida managed to leap-frog Oregon for the No. 2 spot. However, Florida is only one of two teams in the top five to already have a win over a BCS top-10 team.

That took place when the Gators defeated No. 6 LSU two weeks ago. The only other team to have a top-10 win under their belt is No. 4 K-State. The Wildcats also hold the only win on the road against a top-10 team. K-State beat No. 9 Oklahoma in their Big 12 Conference opener on Sept. 22. 

If it was not already clear who the power conferences in college football this season were, that question was also answered on Sunday. Both the SEC and the Big 12 placed seven teams in the top 25. However, five of the seven SEC teams fell into the top 12, while five of the Big 12 teams are in the 13-25 range. Coming in at a close third is the Pac-12. The Pac-12 only has four teams in the top 25, but three of those four are currently in the top 10.

On a quick glance, fans probably did a double take, when they saw a few names in the top 10. Most likely, at No. 4 K-State. True, fans all around the country might assume that the Wildcats are overrated, but what have they done to get to this point?

They are one of only three teams in the top 25 to have multiple wins over BCS top-25 opponents. Take away No. 2 Florida, and the only other team is No. 9 Oklahoma, and well, the Wildcats beat them in their own backyard. K-State will have another opportunity this weekend to add a top-25 road win to their resume when they take on No. 13 West Virginia. 

No. 8 Oregon State is another name that probably stands out. They are currently 6-0, despite not having a win over a BCS top-25 team, however, they did beat a good Wisconsin team in their first game of the season. If you add on road wins at UCLA and Arizona, the Beavers are looking like a serious threat to the big name teams in the Pac-12. 

With four games between top-25 opponents this weekend, there could be another possible shake up of the top 25 after this Saturday.

John Zetmeir is a sophomore in mass communications. Please send comments to sports@kstatecollegian.com