Wine tasting brings community, businesses together for charitable fundraiser


The eighth annual Promenade on Poyntz, a fundraiser sponsored by Standard Beverage Corporation in support of Homecare & Hospice, featured 20 different wines in 10 different store locations in downtown Manhattan on Wednesday. Organizers estimated the event would bring in about $7,000 based on last year’s total.

Ashley Delehanty, K-State alum, attended the event for her fourth consecutive year and said that she has enjoyed herself each year. She said it is “good wine, good food, and good fun.”

Delehanty said she planned to attend all 10 stores and try all the wine. She said the taste of wine was definitely worth the cost of admission. 

Not only does Delehanty enjoy herself at the event, but she said it helps her pick out good wine in the future. She said she looked up the Twisted River wine company after tasting it because of its excellent taste.

“You buy what’s good,” Delehanty said.

Lauren Morano, K-State alum, attended the event for the first time. She said she used the event to find new wines.

“If you find one you like, you just buy it,” she said.

Morano and Delehanty agreed that the event is about helping a good cause and enjoying downtown Manhattan. 

Morano also said she will definitely come back next year.

Rita Faires, director of corporate development for Standard Beverage Corporation, said the company is a distributor of spirits, wines and beer and sponsored the event as a way to give to a good cause. 

“[We] recognized that we had the ability to give back to the community,” Faires said. 

Christina Nolte, director of development for Homecare & Hospice and host of the event, said that everyone seemed to be having a good time and everything worked out. All proceeds from the event go to Homecare & Hospice, a Manhattan-based hospice care organization.

“[It was a] really good turnout,” Nolte said.

Each location chose a different restaurant that provided food for the event.

Jan Miller, owner of Steve’s Floral, chose Carlos O’Kelly’s as the store’s caterer for the event because of their close friendship.

“Carlos O’Kelly’s and Steve’s Floral joined together for a good cause,” Miller said.

Hildegard Bembry, manager of Steve’s Floral, added that since the inception of Promenade on Poyntz, Carlos O’Kelly’s and Steve’s Floral have worked together.

Bembry said it is a good promotion for the store to be a part of the event.

“It’s a good way to showcase the store,” Bembrey said.

John Long, general manager of Carlos O’Kelly’s, said that Carlos O’Kelly’s participates in the event for charitable purposes.

“[It] helps them out, helps them raise money,” Long said.

Long also added that he does not think that anyone should have a problem with the fact that Standard Beverage is handing out alcohol because the amount is monitored. He believed that people do not just come for the wine, but also the food, meeting new people and experiencing new things.