Wine tasting fundraiser to help local hospice foundation


The eighth annual “Promenade on Poyntz,” a fundraiser sponsored by the Standard Beverage Corporation, will be held on Wednesday as part of the Flint Hills Festival of Wines. The $35 admission fee benefits the Homecare & Hospice Foundation.

Tickets are limited to 250 participants who will have the opportunity to visit 10 different store locations along Poyntz Avenue and sample a variety of wines provided by Standard Beverage, a company that distributes wine, beer and spirits throughout Kansas. Tickets are available online at

Standard Beverage has hosted this event for eight years, during which all the proceeds have gone to Manhattan-based Homecare & Hospice Inc., which “provides in-care, in-home hospice, home health and support services” for Manhattan and its neighbors in a 30-mile radius, according to Christina Nolte, director of development. Nolte is responsible for fundraising, marketing, advertising and donor development. 

According to its website, Homecare & Hospice services are paid for by health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, or according to a sliding fee scale based on the patient’s income. For patients without the means to pay, however, the Homecare & Hospice Foundation is there to help.

According to Nolte, Homecare & Hospice currently serves 193 patients, mostly treating patients who are terminally ill and cannot afford to go elsewhere.

“It’s a great need and the organization fills that need,” said Pat Pesci, director of hospitality management and dietetics at K-State.

Nolte added that the fundraiser is the only event of its kind in Riley County and the area surrounding it. 

The wine itself, Pesci said, is donated to Standard Beverage by small wine business owners who are trying to promote their product. Pesci said that it helps rid themselves of the bad connotation that is associated with alcoholic consumption by giving to charitable organizations such as the Hospice.

Barbara Nelson, owner of Strecker-Nelson Gallery, said her art store is one of the 10 venues that hosts the wine tasting. She said that Homecare & Hospice sold her on the idea eight years ago at the event’s inception because of all the people that it benefits.

“It’s a win-win for everyone,” Nelson said.

The event helps patients of Homecare & Hospice, K-State students, downtown businesses and spreads the spirit pf service for everyone that is involved, according to Nelson. She said that the hospice organization is an institution worth supporting and a tremendous help in the community. 

Pesci said the event not only promotes a good cause by giving back to the community, but also gives students experience in meeting planning. 

For students, the event provides an opportunity to practice planning and event coordination. At this event students will pour the wine, if they are 21 or older, and greet people who are tasting the wines. 

Nelson also said that while the fundraiser does not cause a spike in business during or after the event, it helps people keep the store in mind when they wish to purchase artistic work. She said that the event benefits all who come because it is a peaceful atmosphere and everyone has a good time. 

Nelson said just “being in a downtown that is more than 100 years old and being in a historic place” is a fun and memorable experience.