SGA further discusses changes to Union food service, email provider


In a meeting last night, the Student Governing Association discussed updates on food service negotiations for the K-State Student Union and university attempts to gain a new email provider.

During the meeting, Student Senate speaker Emilee Taylor, senior in sociology, informed attendees in the Big 12 Room that there had been presentations from a new company interested in providing food services for the Union in the last week. Taylor said that SGA is working on negotiations with both the current provider and new companies. An agreement will be reached before the current provider, Chartwells, ends their contract on Dec. 31.

“There will always be food in the union,” Taylor said.

The Senate also discussed the possibility of the university switching email providers. Current provider Zimbra has had many issues during the current school year, which have caused a re-examination of K-State’s email.

The student technologies committee, headed by student body vice president Grant Hill, senior in accounting, has been pursuing new providers such as Google and Microsoft 365.
Hill also informed the room of an online survey posted on the SGA Facebook page with the purpose of gathering student input on the change.

“We want to make the transition as public as possible,” Hill said.

The meeting also included a visit from Sydney Carlin, democratic state representative for the 66th district, who is running for her sixth term. Carlin explained that one of her main concerns during her time in office has been education.

Carlin said that she has seen funding for higher education flatline and funding from K-12 schools decrease.

“We are going in the wrong direction in terms of spending,” Carlin said.

She went on to explain that if universities become too dependent on donations from corporations then those corporations could end up taking control of the universities, something she does not want to see.

Carlin then shared her political views, particularity that she is pro-choice and pro-gay.

On the issue of gay rights, Carlin said, “Whatever anybody gets in this country, everybody should get in this country.” 

The speech ended with Carlin telling the room that it is not important who does things, but that it is important to get things done. Over the course of her career, Carlin has written or sponsored 25 bills that have been passed.

Next, a vote was held on bills introduced last week, and all but one of the bills passed unanimously. The bills included allocations to various campus organizations as well as appointing people to positions within SGA.

One new bill was introduced during the meeting. The bill is for an allocation for the Wildcraft club to travel to Lincoln, Neb., for a Heartland eSports competition. K State is being considered as the new hub for Heartland eSports, and the club must attend to continue to be in the running. Voting on this bill will take place next week in the Big 12 Room of the Union at 7 p.m.