SPOOKtacular at Sunset Zoo brings community together with trick-or-treating, prizes


This past weekend, the Sunset Zoo hosted their annual “SPOOKtacular” event, in which families from around the community went to the zoo to see the animals and trick-or-treat from various local businesses.

“The event serves a lot of purposes,” said zoo director Scott Shoemaker. “It’s family friendly and safe. It is also an opportunity to get people who have never been to the zoo before out here.”

During the festivities, the K-State Marching Band performed the fight song, “The Wabash Cannonball,” and the K-State alma mater while in costume.

“I really liked seeing all of the kids in their costumes,” said Lindsay Albracht, band member and sophomore in family studies.

Throughout the day, zoo employees walked around with various small animals to interact with the crowds.

“I love handling animals and telling people about them,” said Erika Schneider, zoo employee. “It’s always fun to teach.”

While people were looking at animals, they could also collect candy from the various businesses who had set up booths around the zoo. One such booth belonged to Big Poppi Bicycle Co., who raffled off a child’s bike.

“We came here today to be a part of the community,” said Narmin Koenig of Big Poppi.

According to Shoemaker, the SPOOKtacular event has expanded every year, and this year the event was larger than it has ever been with nearly 5,000 attendees over two days. SPOOKtacular is the largest event held at the zoo during the year.

“It just keeps getting bigger and better every year,” Shoemaker said.