UPC Grocery Bingo attracts crowd


A large group of students attended the Grocery Bingo event held by the Union Program Council on Friday in the K-State Student Union Courtyard. The competitive event gave the audience multiple chances to win food items and small appliances in a blackout round that spanned throughout the night.

Some groceries awarded were brand name items like Pringles, Chef Boyardee, Doritos, Reese’s Puffs, Campbell’s chunky soups, Healthy Choice soups, Coca-Cola products and many more. Along with the groceries, UPC awarded school supplies including notebooks, index cards, pencils, pens and paper. 

Six versions of bingo were played throughout the night to change up the game and make it possible for others to win. Games played included four-corners, where players had to cover the corners of the bingo card to win, and X-bingo, where players had to cover the diagonal spaces on the board to form an X.

UPC also provided free food and beverages such as macaroni and cheese, sweet tea, soda and water.

Grocery bingo became more intense as the night progressed and kept up excitement with entertainment and trivia in between bingo games. There was also a dance contest and a rock-paper-scissors competition for gift cards. Many participants found it hard to win and traded in their cards during breaks to create a better playing advantage. 

Jonathan Faringthon, freshman in architectural engineering, said he had fun spending time with his friends and playing bingo.

“I feel like I just don’t have any luck at all,” Faringthon said. “It sucks not to win, but I think a lot of people will spread the word.” 

For others, however, the night proved lucky as they won multiple prizes. Sometimes, friends teamed up to win prizes for a whole group. 

Dane Schmidt, senior in social sciences, thought that the event was fun and interactive. 

“I was looking forward to some mac and cheese, and I am glad I was able to win the mac,” Schmidt said.

Attending with Schmidt was Tank Roman, junior in botany.

“I felt competitive tonight and saw some attractive females as well,” Roman said. “I think they could have added more prizes to the blackout round, but overall it was great playing tonight.”