What are your plans for Halloween?

My roommate and I are giving out candy to the kids that trick or treat the dorms and we’ll probably watch Halloween movies.
Emily DeShazer, assistant photo editor

In Aggieville taking photos, of course. You would not believe the things I have seen on this crazy occasion.
Tommy Theis, photo editor

My roommates and I will probably buy a bunch of candy and have our own mini Halloween. Apartment life!
–Darrington Clark, managing editor

I have tickets to see Minus the Bear this weekend, so I’m missing most Halloween parties. But it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. 
— Laura Thacker, managing copy chief

My roommates and I are having a small Halloween party this weekend and I plan on staying far away from Aggieville. I’ll probably be working on Halloween day.
— Kelsey McClelland, opinion editor

This will be the first weekend in a month where I have not had to go to Kansas City to work my second job. Honestly, I will probably be sleeping. A lot.
— Sarah Throckmorton, design editor

I am dressing up as Maverick from “Top Gun.” I will be socializing. A lot. And handing out candy.
–Andy Rao, editor-in-chief 

I plan to dress as a reporter and consume a large amount of candy because it is acceptable on Halloween.
— Austin Nichols, news editor

My friends and I will be going to a pumpkin patch to get pumpkins to carve and then we’ll be going out on the town dressed up as different movie characters. 
— Sarah Megee, social media and video editor

I don’t know. The last three years I’ve been too broke to do anything so I usually end up spending Halloween alone.
–Karen Ingram, edge editor

This will be my first Halloween in Manhattan, so I will have to see what the town has to offer.
–Mike Stanton, assistant news editor