5 haunted Kansas locations


With October comes Halloween and an assortment of activities that are meant to frighten people. Two popular Halloween pastimes are watching scary movies and visiting haunted houses, but those who would rather take their Halloween spirit to the next level can do so by ghost hunting at one of Kansas’ real haunted locations.

1. Gargoyle Home, Atchison, Kan.
Considered to be the most haunted town in Kansas, Atchison has many opportunities for those who wish to hunt ghosts. One of the most interesting locations is the Gargoyle Home, located at 819 N. 4th Street. According to legendsofamerica.com, the home was built around 1884 by B.P. Waggener, a resident of Atchison. It is said that Waggener made a deal with the devil in order to become wealthy and the house is now cursed by an evil spirit. The house was featured on a Travel Channel segment, in which ghost hunters were able to pick up some paranormal activity on their equipment while visiting the home.

2.) The Eldrige Hotel, Lawrence.
The Eldrige Hotel in Lawrence was established in 1925 and is considered a historic landmark. It is said that there is a cornerstone from the original building in room 506, which is haunted. Another sign of paranormal activity was captured in a photograph taken in 1989. There was a Christmas party at the Eldrige and during one of the photographs, the elevator opened with nobody inside. In the developed photo, a figure of a man is standing in doorway of the elevator. The hotel was featured on the A&E; Biography show “My Ghost Story” on Oct. 15 and has been visited by paranormal specialists.

3. Stull, Kan.
In the small town of Stull, Kan. is a cemetery that many consider to be one of the seven gateways to hell. According to weirdus.com, the legend is that somewhere in the cemetery are hidden steps that lead right into hell, but the steps are only visible on Halloween and the Spring equinox. There use to be a church that stood in the cemetery that is said to have been a meeting place for satanists and witches. In the 1900s, it was reported that a father accidentally burned his son to death and a man was found hanging from a tree near Devil’s Road, which no longer exists today but can be seen on old maps. The devil allegedly returns to the cemetery every Halloween.

4. Old Fort Hays and the Ghost of Sentinel Hill
According to prairieghosts.com, a ghost by the name of Elizabeth Polly can be seen wearing a blue dress and bonnet and walking around Sentinel Hill in Hays, Kan. Elizabeth is said to have moved to Fort Hays in the 1860s and was considered the angel of the fort during the cholera epidemic as she would tend to ill soldiers. Before she died, her wish was to be buried on Sentinel Hill. However, due to the rockiness of the hill, they buried her at the foot of the bluffs. There are other paranormal incidents that have been reported at Old Fort Hays, but the legend of Elizabeth Polly is the best known.

5. The Hollenberg Station, Hanover, Kan.
Once a very popular stop along the Pony Express route, the Hollenberg Station is one of the only stops that remains unaltered, according to prairieghosts.com. The legend is that the building is now home to the riders who carried the mail across the prairie. There have been reports from both visitors and staff of a sound that resembles the hoof beats of running horses. It is also said that sometimes men can be heard yelling out in the distance.

These are just a few of the documented places in Kansas that are said to be haunted.

Some people find the act of ghost hunting too dangerous and watching shows of others doing the hunting too frightening.

“The handful of ones I have watched that were good, scare me too much,” said Natalie Cano, junior in secondary education. “I prefer ghost-shaped cookies to celebrate my Halloween.”

Emily Henderson is a senior in public relations. Please send comments to edge@kstatecollegian.com.